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Learn about the remarkable personal and professional achievements of Dr. Greg Bailey, a leading figure in health and longevity.

We're trying to modify how you age. Specifically, I'd like to add ten healthy years of living to your life, because the gap between healthspan and lifespan is ten years, and it would be amazing if you could be healthy until one day before you die.

- Dr. Greg Bailey

My Why

Four pillars that fuel the mission

Prioritizing Prevention

To change current healthcare which is really sick care to prevention which would allow society to realize an enormous cost savings.

Health Care Trajectory

Inspire people to take control of their personal wellbeing & change their health care trajectory.

Health Economics

Work together with policymakers to analyze the impact once the society if health care was focused on prevention.

Biotech Investment

Empower you to be comfortable making a biotech investment which can offer extraordinary financial return & give you a role in shaping the future of health for you & your family.

A Path to Vitality

Prioritizing health and longevity isn't just about living longer; it's about living better. Dr. Bailey's insights pave the way to a life filled with energy, vigor, and vitality.

Empowering Wellness

Dr. Bailey's visionary approach empowers individuals to take control of their well-being. Gain the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about your health.

Inspiring Innovation

Dr. Bailey's journey exemplifies the power of innovation. Learn how forward-thinking strategies can reshape industries and create lasting impact.

Masterful Communication

Dr. Bailey possesses a unique talent for simplifying complex scientific and medical concepts, making them accessible to all.

Leading with Science

In an ever-evolving field, Dr. Bailey stands at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs. Trust in evidence-based strategies that have the potential to transform lives.

Elevating Humanity

Beyond personal benefits, embracing health and longevity contributes to a healthier, more resilient society. Join the movement towards a brighter future for all.

Dr. Greg Bailey's Mission

Benefits of

Dr. Greg Bailey Career Highlights

Exposure to the loss of a friend at a young age pushed Dr. Bailey towards medicine. 30 years later, the deep rooted drive to help others and break ground in the life-extending sciences pulled Dr. Bailey towards the longevity space.

Dr Bailey, along with his partners, have built numerous multibillion dollar companies and developed lifesaving drugs. This has positioned him as a leading voice discussing longevity, biotech investing and well being.

Explore the key milestones and accomplishments in Dr. Bailey's life and career, from today to his early years.



Co-Founder, Former CEO

Dr. Bailey is leveraging his extensive drug and corporate development expertise to bring transformative products to the market. Juvenescence currently has 11 products in development five of which are set to undergo clinical trials aimed at slowing down, altering or reversing the aging process these could have enormous ramifications for humanity.

To date Juvenescence has successfully raised $294 million.


Manx Financial Group

Co-Founder, Non-executive Director

(LSE:MFX) Financial services group that owns a tier 1 bank, amongst other financial assets.


Chelsea Avondale Insurance

Co-Founder & Financier

Dr. Bailey's foray into the insurance industry began when he partnered with Nilesh Vasani, founder of Chelsea Avondale Insurance, by investing $25 million to build a successful insurance company. Through innovation and strategic financing, they have outperformed industry norms, securing an additional $70 million in funding.



Original Financier & Board Member

(BHVN:NYSE) Biohaven pharmaceutical company focused on psychiatric and neurological diseases. Sold one of the drugs in its portfolio to Pfizer for $11.6 billion. Dr Bailey played a pivotal role in the structure of the company and leading the seed financing.


Portage Biotech

Co-Founder & Former Chairman

(PRTG:NASDAQ) Following his usual model of investing in multiple products Portage ended up investing $7 million into Biohaven which at the time of the Pfizer acquisition was worth $900 million. The company is now looking for multiple opportunities in immuno-oncology.




(VHC: AMEX) The company was an unusual opportunity where Dr. Bailey licensed technology from SAIC to create a product for secure communication. To commercialize its opportunity it unfortunately ended a legal case which resulted in Microsoft paying $200 million and the company's market cap going to $2 billion.



Founder, Director

Dr Bailey was an initial financier and an independent director of Medivation. The company following a portfolio model went on to develop one of the leading drugs in the world for prostate cancer. In 2016 the company would be acquired by Pfizer for $14.3 billion.


Ascent Healthcare


As a founding member of Ascent Healthcare, Dr. Bailey pursued a gap in the market, successfully turning around under-utilized hospital equipment into a thriving business. The venture was eventually sold for $521 million to Stryker.


Real Estate Syndication


Capitalizing on the real estate boom of the 80s, Dr. Bailey, along with partners, found success in transforming under-utilized commercial properties into medical facilities.


Emergency Medicine

ER Doctor

Practiced emergency medicine for a decade.


Western University


Dr. Greg Bailey receives his MD from Western University in Ontario, Canada.

Western University

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